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Great Openings Product Additions

As we transition back to a more populated office environment, we have added a few items and made some product changes we want to share with you.  Pricing is updated in sell sheets and Price List.  2020 and other e-catalog updates will follow at a later date.

Trace Mobile File Center – we have added 5th wheels to this unit to replace the counterweight. This allows for easier movement in the work environment with a lighter cabinet. We are also providing an option to use the smaller caster size to match up aesthetically with other Trace storage products.

  • $150 List Price reduction!
  • Added a 37mm caster size to sync up with other GO Storage product heights
  • Removed 60lbs of counterweight – more environmentally responsible
  • A better, smoother operating cabinet without the extra weight
  • Starts at $1340 List

Pedestals – we have added a 5th wheel option to the cushion and metal box/file pedestals. Provides a lighter weight cabinet for user to position in the workspace.

  • Lighter, easier to position for the user without the counterweight
  • More environmentally responsible
  • Current pedestal with counterweight will remain as an option
  • This option is only on the box/file configuration

Height Adjustable Tables – More competitive price point for these products within the Great Openings offering. Perfect with our complementary Marty and Bill products.

  • Average $453 reduction in List Price
  • Programmable handset is included
  • Match the paint colors with your GO Storage products
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Marty News

Marty is member of our personal storage family. It provides wireless charging and hanging storage for Height Adjustable Tables and in Benching applications. As hoteling workstations grow in popularity we have added features to keep up with Marty’s popularity. Now there are a variety of ways to keep personal items secure. You can outfit Marty without a lock, for simple stowing. You can choose the keyed lock version or you can add a digital lock so that each user can control access to the unit while they are using the workstation. More options for more user control.

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Returning To Work

Returning to Work!

Hello Great Openings Customers,

Greetings from West Michigan. We have now re-opened our manufacturing facility. As directed by the state, we will initially support ‘Essential’ orders.

We have used our downtime to put COVID Precaution Safety Protocols in place. These protocols maximize employee protection in the manufacturing environment while we work diligently to fulfill your orders. Our COVID precautions include:

  • COVID Checkpoint – questions, temp screening
  • Triage Procedures – a safe place, a health check, and return to work procedures
  • Staggered Shifts, distancing, masks/shields, gloves, plexiglass partitions, etc.
  • Closed Common Areas – lunch room, vending, coffee, refrigerators, etc.
  • Facility Sanitation – before and after shift
  • Maintain ‘Work from Home’ Policy – for those whose job function allow it

Regarding your orders…

  • If your orders shifted out, you should have already received new acknowledgments.
  • If changes to your existing order, please call your customer service representative as soon as possible.
  • For new projects, please call to verify current lead-times as we return to full capacity

We appreciate your business. We thank you for your continued support. We look forward to serving you now and in the future. Please join us in staying healthy and staying strong. We are all in this together.

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Great Openings is expanding its manufacturing facility in beautiful Manistee, Michigan!



It has been 25 years since Great Openings has needed to expand its manufacturing facilities. We have done a fantastic job over the past decades utilizing lean manufacturing principles which enabled the company to grow and operate within our existing facilities. However the time has come to expand our facility that manufactures our locker product line. The growth we see in our locker product line over the last several years is the reason for this expansion.



We will be expanding our facility in Manistee (Fab Lite) by 40,000 sq., this will double the size of this facility. We make many of our Great Openings products at this plant which include Lockers and Large Case-goods. By adding an additional 40K SF of space, we are growing our capacity and our Locker offering to meet the increasing demand for Lockers in office, education, and healthcare applications. Facility expansion completion is December 2019. Stay tuned and we will keep you abreast of the building progress and expanding product offering.


By the way, this site has breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. If you are in the area, we would love to show you around.

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Introducing Marty

Marty, a work surface storage solution perfect for tight spaces

Marty is ideal when paired with height adjustable tables and benching applications. At just 8.75″ wide, and notched to the height adjustable table beam, Marty is the perfect solution for storing those items that need immediate accessibility. Marty opens with a gentle touch-latch for a simple, clean look. Option Marty with a Qi wireless charger embedded in the top shelf. Make her look fabulous with a variety of accent colors. Marty stands ready to assist you alone or paired with her companion products; Bill and Flip.

Configure Marty