Great Openings Limited Lifetime Warranty

Great Openings warrants its Great Openings brand Metal Case-goods, Trace and Cayenne Desks, Files, Storage, Lockers and Sparkeology products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product, except as set forth below. This warranty applies to Great Openings products delivered in the United States and Canada and is non-transferable. The warranty is valid from the date of delivery to the End User. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, improper installation, outdoor use, or direct mis-use of the product. This warranty does not apply to Customer’s Own Materials (COM) for fabric, laminates, or edge bands. In addition, supplier warranties will apply to products not manufactured by Great Openings. End User means the final purchaser acquiring a product from Great Openings or the Great Openings Dealer channel for the purchaser’s own use and not for resale, remarketing or distribution. Great Openings will not be liable for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, incidental or consequential damages.


Laminate Lockers – 12 years
Single, Double, Multi-purpose, Quad, and Cubby Laminate Lockers and includes both TFL and HPL options.

Tables – 5 years
Sparkeology Line Products: Pete and Oscar

Seating and Tables – 2 years
Height Adjustable Tables, Sparkeology Line Products: Ben, Manny, Sly, Sophia, Cupcake, and Lily

High Wear Parts – 1 year
Mobile Storage Casters, Gas Rods, Cushion Pads, Hinges, Power and Electrical components

Surfaces Materials Disclaimer:

  • Exact matching of surface finishes, including an exact match to cuttings, samples, or swatch cards are not covered.
  • Changes in surface finishes and colorfastness due to aging, exposure to artificial light or exposure to direct sunlight are not covered.

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