Standard Laminates and Edge Trims

These 16 laminates with matching 3mm edge bands are appropriate for use on both work surface (horizontal) and door/drawer front (vertical) applications – all at standard price and lead-time.  Contact Wilsonart or Formica for samples.

Designer White
(Wilsonart D354-60)

(Wilsonart 1595-60)

Fashion Grey
(Wilsonart D381-60)

(Wilsonart D96-60)

Slate Grey
(Wilsonart D91-60)

Desert Zephyr
(Wilsonart 4841-60)

Steel Mesh
(Wilsonart 4879-38)

Grey Mesh
(Wilsonart 4877-38)

Bleached Legno
(Formica 8845-58)

Neutral Twill
(Formica 8826-58)

Sarum Twill
(Formica 8827-58)

Brighton Walnut
(Wilsonart 7922K-07)

River Cherry
(Wilsonart 7937-38)

Biltmore Cherry
(Wilsonart 7924K-07)

Wild Cherry
(Wilsonart 7054-60)

Kensington Maple
(Wilsonart 10776-60)

Thermally Fused Laminates (TFL)

For Odie, Marty and Bill

These laminates with matching .5mm edge bands offer the same abrasive resistance as the high pressure laminates with slightly less impact resistance.  Contact Wilsonart or Formica for samples.

Frosty White
(Wilsonart M-1573-60)

Classic Black
(Wilsonart M-631-60)

Fashion Grey
(Wilsonart M-D381-60)