Standard Laminates and Edge Trims

These 16 laminates with matching 3mm edge bands are appropriate for use on both work surface (horizontal) and door/drawer front (vertical) applications – all at standard price and lead-time.  Look for additional easy-to-order Industry Favorites on our website, as well as our custom laminate program.  Contact Wilsonart or Formica for samples.

DWDW Designer White

BKBK Black

FGFC Fashion Grey

SGSG Shadow

DMGH Slate Grey

DZDZ Desert Zephyr

SLSL Steel Mesh

GYGY Grey Mesh

B4B4 Bleached Legno

NNNN Neutral Twill

S8S8 Sarum Twill

BGBG Brighton Walnut

RHRH River Cherry

BCBC Biltmore Cherry

WCWC Wild Cherry

KMKM Kensington Maple

Thermal Fused Laminates (TFL) for Drawer Fronts and Doors

M-FGFG Fashion Grey

M-WCWC Wild Cherry

M-KMKM Kensington Maple