Office Storage for Small Business, Large Corporations, and Everyone In Between

When people ask us who we help or who we serve, our answer is simply: “Everyone.” It might sound ridiculous, but the need for intuitive organization isn’t unique to a specific industry size of business. That’s why we’ve spent years, studying all types of storage techniques; observing what works and what doesn’t. We’ve seen how a messy workspace can lead to chaos and stress within a business. We’ve seen how effective organization can foster collaboration and efficiency within a team. And we’ve learned how to empower even the messiest of individuals to get organized. That is why we can confidently say, that regardless of how your company operates, what it’s storage needs are, or what size it might be, we can help.

Large Enterprise Companies Icon

Large Enterprise Companies

Bigger isn’t always better — hold on — we aren’t insulting you, we just know how hard it can be for a large company to meet all of its storage needs. But don’t worry, we’ve worked with companies like Google, Boeing, and MassMutual, so we also know how to help (and apparently how to name drop). We offer a variety of products that are built to blend in with your current furniture and we deliver them complete and on time 99.67% of the time.

Small Business Icon

Small Business

The furniture industry is dominated by companies attempting to “wow” you with their “hot” new product lines and sell you an entire floor’s worth of furniture. But all you’re really looking for is a few new filing cabinets and lockers to fill in your space. We understand, and we’re here to help. We offer competitively priced furniture and responsive delivery times so you can complete your space without breaking the bank.

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Startup Teams

You started with two sawhorses and a door slab out in the garage, but now you’re looking for something that’s a little more…professional. You never thought you’d need a filing cabinet, but now you’re thinking those employee records could use a home. We can help with that. We offer a variety of furniture and storage components that will make your space feel professional, organized, focused, and fun. And as an added bonus, we can have them delivered in days instead of weeks, so no matter how much you grow, we’ll always have you covered.

Commercial Offices Icon

Commercial Offices

Office storage is all about having furniture that supports the way you work. Whether you have an open or private office plan, whether your 90% remote or 90% in the office, we can help you determine the absolute best storage solutions for your office.

Government Buildings Icon

Government Buildings

We are on a GSA contract and have many state contracts as well. We can help you maintain an efficient work speed that is unhindered by inefficient organization.

Educational Facilities Icon

Educational Facilities

An educational environment should inspire creativity and concentration in both students and teachers With intuitive products that make organization easy and fun, we can help you make your educational facility one that empowers engagement and collaboration.

Healthcare Institutions Icon

Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare facilities can be stressful places for guests and staff members alike. At Great Openings, we strive to provide storage options that can alleviate some of this stress and bring a sense of order to chaotic moments. Our pedestals, cabinets, lockers, and laterals, are perfect for keeping paperwork and personal items organized so that no matter what happens, everything is exactly where it should be.