Great Openings brings personal storage to every space.

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From single lockers to entire walls, we’ve got you covered.

Locker Wall

A welcoming way to start the day.


Ideal for large groups and frequent comings-and-goings.


Perfect for remote workers or small offices.

With a variety of materials,
one is sure to be the perfect fit.

Metal Lockers

Industrial style and strength deliver a classic locker look that stands up to heavy use.

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Smart Lockers

Software-based locks are controlled by phone or badge, centrally managed, and supported by a workplace app.

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1518 Laminate Lockers

Efficient and affordable, these laminates come in multiple configurations and a wide selection of finishes.

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Laminate Lockers

Smooth and refined, our laminate lockers have a built-in cabientry style and finished interiors that are at home in the modern office.

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Which type of locker is right for you?

Soft Close Hinges
Electronic Lock
Raised Base
Sloped Top
Low Voltage Charging
15 Day Lead Time
1518 Laminate Lockers
Metal Lockers
Metal Lockers/Laminate Doors
All Laminate Lockers
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Choose from our standard lockers or customize them to fit your needs.

A variety of locks to secure your items.

You can trust our locking technology, from traditional choices like UM, LL, SL, K Series, and hasp locks to electronic locks, mini keypads, RFID, and mechanical styles.

And every shape and size you need.

Make the most of your space with compartments that are tailored to your storage needs and the room where they’ll be installed.

Available in 60+ metal finishes, as well as near-limitless laminate selections.

Neutrals. Brights. Brand or school colors. You name it. All Great Openings products are available in 60 standard colors at standard price and lead time. Additional colors and a Custom Color program are also available.

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Low voltage USB and USB-C outlets to charge your devices.

Ask about our integrated charging devices to keep tech powered and ready to go while it’s in storage.

Customize the locker exterior with raised bases, sloped tops, mail slots and venting.

Inside & out, our attention to detail optimizes the lock function of every locker.

Your lockers, your way.

Great Openings lockers are highly customizable from the metal and laminate color down to the front pull and locks.

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