Our Smart Lockers combine classic form and function with modern technology.

Metal Case

Technology cabinets secure and organize the technology components Metal cases are double wall construction to safely and securely protect and route power/data cables.

Better Cord Management

Cables route down to the base, an area at the bottom of the cabinet accessed by a false locker floor.

Software Connected Locks

Software-connected locks that are individually accessed by phone, key fob or badge, centrally controlled by a supervisory system, and supported by a workplace app.

Laminate Doors

Optimized to support wireless signals required necessary with electronic locks and smart connected lock systems.

Manage locker access remotely

Make more efficient use of locker space

Gain a better understanding of locker usage

What are the benefits of smart lockers?

Reduce admin time & costs

Improve the employee experience

Gain access to valuable analytics

Adaptable technology.
For truly flexible workplaces.

  • Cloud-based and hassle free
  • Access from your phone, card, fob or badge
  • Real-time Data and insights
  • Manage the system from anywhere
  • Integrate with your IT ecosystem
  • Flexible technology fits your workplace

With a simple click, you can assign and
re-assign any locker for whatever use you need.

Visitor Locker

Visitors feel welcome.

It’s not just your people who want secure, flexible storage. When guests visit, you can make them feel instantly comfortable, with an assigned locker for their personal items. A smart Visitor Locker configuration allows you to flexibly allocate a certain number of lockers to visitors, so you’ll always have plenty available when you need them. It’s just as easy to re-allocate them back to employees, too.

Changing Room Locker

Encourage health and fitness.

A good balance is key to happy, motivated employees. So, whether your people are coming in straight from the gym, have a lunchtime class, or need to change after work for a session – a smart Changing Locker configuration makes it easy and accessible.

Using smart changing lockers means you can dynamically allocate facilities to different employees, supporting more of your people, while using fewer resources.

Employee Personal Locker

A personal, secure space.

With offices moving to hybrid ways of working, shared spaces are on the rise – and personal desks are disappearing. A smart locker is a great way to give employees the personal, secure feel of a fixed desk, while allowing them to move around more freely.

With a smart Personal Locker configuration your people will always have their own private space, even in the most dynamic workplace.

Team Locker

Share and collaborate easily.

Collaboration powers business – and our smart system enables teams to work together seamlessly, wherever they are.

With a smart Team Locker configuration, employees, can create a self-service team storage solution. Handing over documents and using shared materials becomes much easier, with little to no dependence on other team members’ schedules.

IT Spare Parts Locker

Better manage and track equipment.

With teams working remotely, or between home and the office, you can help with remote IT asset distribution and management.

With our IT spare part configuration, employees can receive, manage and track IT equipment or inventory across the organization, with end-to-end access tracking.

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