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Trace Locker Garage

Today’s workforce is on the move. 

Great Openings’ Locker Garage offers a launch point for workers using common or shared spaces to stash their gear, recharge a phone or hang a jacket. Upper lockers keep personal items secured and coordinating open space below provides space for mobile storage docking. It’s a great place to begin and end your day.

Ordering made easy

Locker Garage is available in two or three pack configurations and can be ganged to create longer runs. Locker Garage is designed to perfectly accommodate Odie or Slim XLT mobile storage carts. Both offer stylish looks, great storage capacity and ready-to-travel features like telescoping handles, heavy-duty outrigger casters and cushion seat pads.

Trace Locker Garage Product Page

Trace Locker Garage Brochure

Trace Locker Garage Sell Sheet


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