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Great Openings is expanding its manufacturing facility in beautiful Manistee, Michigan!



It has been 25 years since Great Openings has needed to expand its manufacturing facilities. We have done a fantastic job over the past decades utilizing lean manufacturing principles which enabled the company to grow and operate within our existing facilities. However the time has come to expand our facility that manufactures our locker product line. The growth we see in our locker product line over the last several years is the reason for this expansion.



We will be expanding our facility in Manistee (Fab Lite) by 40,000 sq., this will double the size of this facility. We make many of our Great Openings products at this plant which include Lockers and Large Case-goods. By adding an additional 40K SF of space, we are growing our capacity and our Locker offering to meet the increasing demand for Lockers in office, education, and healthcare applications. Facility expansion completion is December 2019. Stay tuned and we will keep you abreast of the building progress and expanding product offering.


By the way, this site has breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. If you are in the area, we would love to show you around.

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Introducing Marty

Marty, a work surface storage solution perfect for tight spaces

Marty is ideal when paired with height adjustable tables and benching applications. At just 8.75″ wide, and notched to the height adjustable table beam, Marty is the perfect solution for storing those items that need immediate accessibility. Marty opens with a gentle touch-latch for a simple, clean look. Option Marty with a Qi wireless charger embedded in the top shelf. Make her look fabulous with a variety of accent colors. Marty stands ready to assist you alone or paired with her companion products; Bill and Flip.

Configure Marty