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Great Openings Product Additions

As we transition back to a more populated office environment, we have added a few items and made some product changes we want to share with you.  Pricing is updated in sell sheets and Price List.  2020 and other e-catalog updates will follow at a later date.

Trace Mobile File Center – we have added 5th wheels to this unit to replace the counterweight. This allows for easier movement in the work environment with a lighter cabinet. We are also providing an option to use the smaller caster size to match up aesthetically with other Trace storage products.

  • $150 List Price reduction!
  • Added a 37mm caster size to sync up with other GO Storage product heights
  • Removed 60lbs of counterweight – more environmentally responsible
  • A better, smoother operating cabinet without the extra weight
  • Starts at $1442 List

Pedestals – we have added a 5th wheel option to the cushion and metal box/file pedestals. Provides a lighter weight cabinet for user to position in the workspace.

  • Lighter, easier to position for the user without the counterweight
  • More environmentally responsible
  • Current pedestal with counterweight will remain as an option
  • This option is only on the box/file configuration

Height Adjustable Tables – More competitive price point for these products within the Great Openings offering. Perfect with our complementary Marty and Bill products.

  • Average $453 reduction in List Price
  • Programmable handset is included
  • Match the paint colors with your GO Storage products
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