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New! 1518 Laminate Lockers

We are excited to launch our new 1518 Laminate Lockers – an efficient and affordable locker solution. Available in multiple door configurations including double and triple widths and a nice selection of laminate door finishes.

First order entry date is 9/01/22. Three week lead time.

1518 Lockers Product Page

3 thoughts on “New! 1518 Laminate Lockers

  1. Do these lockers have a BIFMA Level Certification, Declare Label or Cradle to Cradle certification?

    1. Hi Madaline,
      They are not BIFMA level but manufactured and tested, and passed BIFMA testing parameters. They are not Declare label or Cradle to cradle certification. Thanks!

  2. Love the design of these lockers!

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