Known for the efficient way they use space from side to side, laterals are an essential tool in office organization. Many companies need ways to store physical files and track of paper records. This classical design can be applied low profile, to keep space visually open, or up to five high, to provide high density filing and used as space definition.

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Available Colors/Finishes

Choose from 72 standard colors, all at standard price and lead time.


  • The top opening of 5-high and 6-high Trace laterals features an over-the-top flipper door with 13-1/0″ inside clear height that will accommodate standard height binder storage
  • 5-high and 6-high include top flipper door that stows over-the-top, revealing either a roll-out or fixed shelf
  • Flipper compartment features 13-1/2″ inside clear height for binder storage
  • Laminate tops are sold separately for individual laterals and laterals paired side-by-side or back-to-back (see lateral accessory section). Please note that a laminate top may not be placed on top of a Trace lateral that includes a flipper door on the top opening
  • Trace lateral files with flipper door on top, when installed in a “built-in” wall situation will require a minimum of 1-1/2″ clearance above the cabinet for the flipper door to go up and over the top
  • The lock strip on 4-high and 5-high laterals is located above the fourth drawer. In 6-high laterals, the lock strip is located above the fifth drawer

Options and Accessories

  • Laminate drawer fronts may be specified
  • Polyethylene drawer front fillers increase sound absorption
  • File conversion bars for front-to-back filing
  • Magnetic shelf dividers
  • Magnetic label

Lock Systems

  • Includes randomly-assigned UM Series locks – black-faced, master-keyed, and coreremovable. Other key series are available, including bright nickel LL, and Knoll K
  • Optional individually locking drawers, either keyed or electronic
  • The locking system captures drawer fronts on both sides for added security

Load Capacity

Drawer and roll-out shelf load capacity:

  • 30″, 36″, and 40″ wide drawers is 125 lb

Fixed and adjustable shelf load capacity:

  • 30″ shelf: 95 lbs
  • 36″ shelf: 116 lbs
  • 40″ shelf: 136 lbs

Lateral file metal top load capacity:

  • 30″ wide top: 140 lbs
  • 36″ wide top: 168 lbs
  • 40″ wide top: 192 lbs

Counterweights & Interlock

  • The safety interlock mechanism is integrated into the drawer slides, allowing only one drawer to open at a time
  • All lateral files with drawers and roll-out shelves used as freestanding cabinets must have counterweight if not ganged together or otherwise anchored
  • Counterweights may be factory-installed or purchased separately to be installed in the field


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