Mobility for more fluid learning.


Mobile Teacher Desks

Choose from various sizes of our mobile teacher's desks, available in single, double pedestal, and lectern options. Safely secure and lock your personal items as you navigate through your day. Organize your lesson plans, keep your pens, notebooks, and other desk supplies in order.

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Mobile Metal Bookcase

Our mobile metal bookcases are like the Swiss Army knives of classroom storage! They're super handy for keeping supplies organized and close by, whether you're doing group activities, working in small groups, or tackling individual tasks. With adjustable shelves, you can fit all sorts of stuff on them, big or small, and even show off some cool displays!

Mobile Bookcase

Mobile Metal Storage

Our 2-door mobile metal storage units are like the MVPs of classroom organization! They're perfect for keeping all your supplies neatly tucked away while still being super accessible. Whether you're moving them around for group work or just need to grab something quick, these units have got your back. Plus, with their adjustable shelves, you can customize the space inside to fit whatever you need to store, big or small. It's like having your own little storage powerhouse on wheels!

Mobile Storage

Mobile Cubbys

Check out our mobile classroom cubbies! Tough laminate construction ensures durability, while various sizes offer ample storage. With outrigger wheels for easy mobility, they roll up to activities and neatly store away when done. Optional cushions add comfy seating, and bins keep supplies organized. Perfect for modern classrooms!

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Mobile Lecterns

Bring classroom presentations to the forefront with our mobile lectern. Easily roll it away when not in use. The ergonomically angled surface conveniently positions notes, and there's additional storage space below for added convenience.

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M3 Carts

Mobility is key for educators, and this cart delivers. Equipped with smooth-rolling casters, teachers can effortlessly transport classroom supplies wherever they're needed, all while maintaining organization and accessibility. Say goodbye to cluttered classrooms and hello to streamlined storage solutions with our education-focused mobile cart.

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Mobile Back-to-Back Laminate Bookcases

Check out our Back-to-Back bookshelves – they're all about keeping things organized and looking good! You can choose from 16 cool laminate finishes and mix it up with adjustable metal shelves available in any of our 72 standard colors. And guess what? These shelves are super easy to move around, thanks to their smooth-rolling casters. They're just what you need to switch things up in any classroom without breaking a sweat!

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Office and Administrative

We offer a complete selection of storage and furniture solutions for common areas, administrative departments, and more.

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Personal Storage

Towers and Lockers

Lateral Filing and More

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Great Openings is now part of the Commercial Interiors Library in CET. This gives you the ability to specify and create accurate design configurations of our Education products.

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