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Great Openings at NeoCon 2019

Take a tour of our NeoCon 2019 Showroom

Our lockers are our fastest growing category.  We showed some new Locker explorations based on observation and customer interaction.  Take a peek in the quick tour as well as finding additional information below. We also see a new category emerging that we call Personal Storage. Its colorful, its mobile, and it focus’ on storing personal stuff way more than paper. You both bring and collect a lot of objects and documents throughout your day. You will see Chester, Lester, Slim, Molly, Bill, and our newest addition Marty make an appearance.

Locker Concepts

New Locker Explorations based on observation and customer interaction


Nomad Lockers

This is our exploration into a ‘premium locker’ domain. Accommodating mobile workers in Third Party spaces, Corporate Business Centers, Shared-Office Spaces, are increasing common and a growing market trend. In this application we have thought through the needs of an executive that uses these spaces. One might fly in in the morning, need a place to hang-up their coat, stash their bag, and store their stuff. The nomad locker recognizes their importance to the company and grants them the respect they deserve. An RFID lock is opened by their badge. Our exec is greeted by the warmth of a light when they open the door. Their needs are attended to personal care items. They can go meet their colleagues with all the things they will need to collaborate and work together by taking a Slim along with them to their appointment. Its everything you need to deliver an executive experience.

Everyone Lockers

Lockers are playing a new role office, healthcare, and higher education applications. We are being asked for flexibility. Flexibility is locker size, in multiple user access, and in varied function (power to charge devices).  The large lockers can hold a backpack and gym bag. Varied locker size options accommodate different user’s need for size.

Great Openings has a full line of laminate locker options. These lockers have been customized with a 9” base area to make the lower lockers more easily accessible. The side returns and the raised base also make them feel more built-in.
The returns on the side provide a chase to route either high power or low voltage modular power.

Concierge Lockers

In this case, we are taking our standard height locker and putting them underneath the work surface. On one side, we have included it with adjustable height shelves and included fabric bins. The fabric bins can be assigned to specific projects so the team has immediate access to important stuff.
On the opposite we show the same locker with a different function. In this case, it’s a place in a free address office where a ‘Concierge’ can take care of your personal stuff. This locker is broken up into different zones. Top zone stacks the doc and paper you collect throughout the day. The next zone hold your work tools that everyone needs intermittently but does want to see the clutter. The next zone could be for your personal nutrition. Everyone needs an occasional healthy snack throughout their day. Its essential to our well-being. The lowest zone could hold your shoes. Its more and more common of people to come in a walking shoe and change into a business casual work shoe.

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