Cubby Lockers

Our Cubbys give everyone a secure place to call their own. The all metal construction features reinforced panels that are concealed for a smooth, refined appearance both inside and out. They can be configured in countless ways with any locker in our line to accent a wall, divide a space or as a counter height work surface support.


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Available Fronts

Available Colors/Finishes

Choose from 72 standard colors, all at standard price and lead time.

Available Locks


  • Lockers may be ordered with metal or laminate fronts
  • Multiple color door order forms make it easy to mix and match door colors
  • Cubby locker doors are keyed randomly in the factory
  • All Cubby locker doors hinge together, either left or right

Options and Accessories

  • All options and accessories are sold separately or are available as an upgrade
  • Choose from keyed locks, electronic locks, or hasp locks
  • Interior power outlets may be installed inside locker compartments.
  • Locker door number plates, stainless steel laser etched with any combination of numbers needed to permanently identify individual locker doors
  • Common laminate tops
  • Locker ganging kit, for ganging lockers side-to-side

Basic Construction

  • Four leveling glides with 7/8” adjustment ensure proper alignment and operation, and are accessible from inside the locker
  • Lockers include inner side panels, so that structural components are concealed
  • Lockers are shipped fully assembled

Keypad Lock System

  • Keyed locks include randomly-assigned UM Series locks – black-faced, masterkeyed, and core-removable. Other key series are available, including bright nickel LL, and Knoll K

Hasp Lock

  • Hasp locks may be used instead of a keyed or electronic lock
  • Used in conjunction with the A: Full Pull
  • To order, specify “Hasp Lock” in the product description on your purchase order and add $50 list per door to the keyed locker price

Electronic Lock System

  • Durable and versatile, electronic locks may be programmed to either fixed or revolving mode
  • Fixed Mode: Once a code is created, that code remains in effect until the user changes it. To lock and unlock, simply enter the code and then turn the lever
  • Revolving Mode: Also called hoteling or single use mode, the code is cleared after each complete locking cycle. To lock: enter a code and then turn the lever. To unlock: enter the same code and turn the lever. At this point the lock clears the code and is awaiting new input

Electronic Lock Features:

  • Once a code is entered, the lock is activated by turning the lever to the locked or unlocked position
  • Runs on (2) AAA batteries (included)
  • Operates using a 4-to-8 digit code
  • A supervisor code is included
  • For large projects, the supervisor code may be pre-programmed into the locks
  • May be programmed by the supervisor as Fixed or Revolving Code
  • Includes programmable reset features
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad
  • 75,000 plus cycles; extended battery life reduces replacement and labor maintenance costs


  • Great Openings electronic locks are warranted for a period of one year from date of delivery

Interior Power Outlet

  • Specify a 110v power outlet inside the locker compartment
  • A multi-circuit power feed can accommodate up to 32 lockers, with plug-in power inside each locker and wires routed outside and behind the cabinets

Additional information



Hinge Location

Left, Right

Select a Lock

K Series, LL Series, SL Series, UM Series


A. Full Pull, E. Integrated Lock Pull (Metal and Laminate Fronts), Mail Slot, Q. Bar Pull, S. Satin Nickel Pull, Venting

Finish Color

0001 – Dark Tone, 0004 – Medium Tone, 0006 – Charcoal, 0030 – Soft Grey, 0044 – Black, 0112 – Putty, 0131 – Smoke, 0141 – Chalk, 0159 – Beige, 0188 – Medium Grey, 0205 – Greytone, 0256 – Black Umber, 0257 – Light Grey, 0280 – Warm White, 02A3 – Grey, 02A4 – Milk, 02L6 – Soft White, 02M0 – Arctic Textured, 02M2 – Nevada, 02M3 – Granite, 02N0 – Storm White Textured, 02U2 – Latte Textured, 02X4 – Silver Textured, 02X5 – Espresso Textured, 02X7 – Platinum Metallic, 02X9 – Silver Metallic, 02Y6 – Medium Metallic Grey, 02Y7 – Brown, 02Y9 – Silver Metallic, 02Z0 – Satin Black, 02Z2 – Bright White Smooth, 02Z3-Bright-White-Textured, 02Z8 – Cement, 02Z9 – Grout, 0348 – Innertone Light, 0547 – Graphite, 0623 – Folkstone Grey, 0666 – Platinum Metallic, 0666 – Silver Metallic, 0668 – Black Textured, 0678 – Fieldstone Textured, 0705 – Sterling Metallic, 0722 – Midnight Textured, 0744 – Metallic Champagne, 0756 – Sandstone, 0784 – Warm Grey Neutral, 0968 – Beige Mist Metallic, 0995 – Arctic White Textured, 0998 Carbon Metallic Tex, Chamois 03Q3, SW 6207 – Retreat 03Q0, SW 6222 – Riverway 03Q1, SW 6242 Bracing Blue 03Q7, SW 6277 Special Gray 03Q9, SW 6401 – Independent Gold 03P9, SW 6520 – Honest Blue 03Q8, SW 6627 – Emberglow 03Q5, SW 6674 – Jonquil 03Q4, SW 7587 – Antique Red 03Q2, SW 7710 – Brandywine 03Q6, SW 7736 – Garden Sage 03P8, 01A7 – Champagne Metallic, 0217 – Brilliant White, 0073 – Cloud, 0232 – Driftwood, 0231 – Flint, 0536 – Loft, 0683 – Muslin, 0345 – Parchment, 0166 – Platinum Metallic, 0239 – Fossil


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