Single Lockers

Our lockers are right at home in the front office. The all metal construction features reinforced panels that are concealed for a smooth, refined appearance both inside and out. These single wide lockers provide secure storage for the jacket, shoes and personal items. They can be configured in countless ways with any locker in our line to accent a wall, divide a space or as a counter height work surface support.


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Available Fronts

Available Colors/Finishes

Choose from 72 standard colors, all at standard price and lead time.

Available Locks


  • Lockers may be ordered with metal or laminate fronts
  • Multiple color door order forms make it easy to mix and match door colors
  • Additional shelves are available for order
  • 51-3/8” and 65-7/8” high lockers include one adjustable shelf on top, with up to 12” clear height above the shelf
  • 39-7/8” high lockers do not include any shelves
  • 27-3/4” high lockers include one adjustable shelf, but no coat rod or hooks
  • The 18” deep lockers include (2) two-pronged coat hooks, one on each side. The 24” deep lockers include (1) side-to-side coat rod

Options and Accessories

  • Choose from keyed locks, electronic locks, or hasp locks
  • Interior power outlets may be installed inside locker compartments.
  • Locker door number plates, stainless steel laser etched with any combination of numbers needed to permanently identify individual locker doors
  • Common laminate tops
  • Locker ganging kit, for ganging lockers side-to-side

Lock Systems

  • Keyed locks include randomly-assigned UM Series locks – black-faced, masterkeyed, and core-removable. Other key series are available, including bright nickel LL, and Knoll K

Basic Construction

  • Four leveling glides with 7/8” adjustment ensure proper alignment and operation, and are accessible from inside the locker
  • Lockers include inner side panels, so that structural components are concealed
  • Lockers are shipped fully assembled

Hasp Locks

  • Hasp locks may be used instead of a keyed or electronic lock
  • Used in conjunction with the A: Full Pull
  • To order, specify “Hasp Lock” in the product description on your purchase order and add $50 list per door to the keyed locker price

Electronic Lock Systems

  • Durable and versatile, electronic locks may be programmed to either fixed or revolving mode
  • Fixed Mode: Once a code is created, that code remains in effect until the user changes it. To lock and unlock, simply enter the code and then turn the lever
  • Revolving Mode: Also called hoteling or single use mode, the code is cleared after each complete locking cycle. To lock: enter a code and then turn the lever. To unlock: enter the same code and turn the lever. At this point the lock clears the code and is awaiting new input

Electronic Lock features

  • Once a code is entered, the lock is activated by turning the lever to the locked or unlocked position
  • Runs on (2) AAA batteries (included)
  • Operates using a 4-to-8 digit code
  • A supervisor code is included – For large projects, the supervisor code may be pre-programmed into the locks
  • May be programmed by the supervisor as Fixed or Revolving Code
  • Includes programmable reset features
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad – 75,000 plus cycles; extended battery life reduces replacement and labor maintenance costs


  •  Great Openings electronic locks are warranted for a period of one year from date of delivery

Plug 'N Play USB Charging

  • Plug and play components
  • Preconfigured kits for easy ordering
  • 110v plug in feed for up to 8 lockers
  • Total 25W power output
  • Intelligent USB Type C with Power Delivery
  • Reversible USB Type A with Fast Charge
  • Internal overload protection
  • LED Power Delivery indication

Additional information


12", 15", 18"


18", 24"


27-3/4", 34-3/4", 39-7/8", 51-3/8", 65-7/8"

Metal or Laminate Doors

Metal Doors, Laminate Doors

Hinge Location

Left, Right

Select a Lock

UM Series, LL Series, SL Series, K Series, E-Lock, E-Lock Mini Keypad (E. Integrated Lock Pull Only), E-Lock Mini RFID (E. Integrated Lock Pull Only), Ojmar Mechanical Lock (E. Integrated Lock Pull Only), Hasp


A. Full Pull, E. Integrated Lock Pull, Q. Bar Pull, S. Satin Nickel Pull

Front Option

None, Venting, Mail Slot

Finish Color

0001 – Dark Tone, 0004 – Medium Tone, 0006 – Charcoal, 0030 – Soft Grey, 0044 – Black, 0112 – Putty, 0131 – Smoke, 0141 – Chalk, 0159 – Beige, 0188 – Medium Grey, 0205 – Greytone, 0256 – Black Umber, 0257 – Light Grey, 0280 – Warm White, 02A3 – Grey, 02A4 – Milk, 02L6 – Soft White, 02M0 – Arctic Textured, 02M2 – Nevada, 02M3 – Granite, 02N0 – Storm White Textured, 02U2 – Latte Textured, 02X4 – Silver Textured, 02X5 – Espresso Textured, 02X7 – Platinum Metallic, 02X9 – Silver Metallic, 02Y6 – Medium Metallic Grey, 02Y7 – Brown, 02Y9 – Silver Metallic, 02Z0 – Satin Black, 02Z2 – Bright White Smooth, 02Z3-Bright-White-Textured, 02Z8 – Cement, 02Z9 – Grout, 0348 – Innertone Light, 0547 – Graphite, 0623 – Folkstone Grey, 0666 – Platinum Metallic, 0666 – Silver Metallic, 0668 – Black Textured, 0678 – Fieldstone Textured, 0705 – Sterling Metallic, 0722 – Midnight Textured, 0744 – Metallic Champagne, 0756 – Sandstone, 0784 – Warm Grey Neutral, 0968 – Beige Mist Metallic, 0995 – Arctic White Textured, 0998 Carbon Metallic Tex, Chamois 03Q3, SW 6207 – Retreat 03Q0, SW 6222 – Riverway 03Q1, SW 6242 Bracing Blue 03Q7, SW 6277 Special Gray 03Q9, SW 6401 – Independent Gold 03P9, SW 6520 – Honest Blue 03Q8, SW 6627 – Emberglow 03Q5, SW 6674 – Jonquil 03Q4, SW 7587 – Antique Red 03Q2, SW 7710 – Brandywine 03Q6, 0670 – White, SW 7736 – Garden Sage 03P8, 01A7 – Champagne Metallic, 0217 – Brilliant White, 0073 – Cloud, 0232 – Driftwood, 0231 – Flint, 0536 – Loft, 0683 – Muslin, 0345 – Parchment, 0166 – Platinum Metallic, 0239 – Fossil

Slope Top

No, Yes


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